Blow-Up Management Headshot Contest

Hello people, we bet that you can’t wait to learn more about our summer competition!

Ok, we didn’t promote it much & create a lot of buzz ’cause we’ve been quite busy but we’re sure some of you thought it was a nice idea. Isn’t it? 😀

So, you know that we’re a small but creative team, so at the beginning of the month, with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival coming over we thought: why don’t we challenge our actors? So that’s how our Headshot Contest started.
The challenge was: if one of our actors finds a tour and go to Edinburgh for the Fringe, he/she’ll win a set of professional shooting by our professional photographer Leonardo Tommasin.

Well, after we sent out the email, we collected a lot of different reactions: someone started to be competitive from the first moment, someone else said “Great idea!” but also “WTF?” lol
It was fun seeing all of your different reactions. Well, actually we were expecting a bit more replies, but of course some of you didn’t get back at all. Did we scare you? Sorry, it was funny though.

So, today we’re happy to tell you that…we have a winner!
She’s: Katie O’Connor and we found herself a short (but great) tour.

She’s happy ’cause she will have a brand new headshot portfolio..very soon! And we’re happy that we successfully ran our first Headshot Competition! Will you be scared again? Keep an eye on your inbox instead, we love surprising people.

Congrats Katie..and good luck!

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