London Auditions Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! Today we’re going to a secret event. We can’t say much at the moment, but, I’ll give you a hint: say the event we’re going today is related to: “you’ve been called for a London audition and you want to be sure you’ll be successful.”

What are the things you should keep in mind to be successful at auditions in London?

Here  list of tips and tricks you should have in mind every time you’re stepping in a new audition, especially in London!

auditions-london-tips-tricks-ve-successful1. Avoid to be overly prepared.
You should prepare yourself, but don’t think too much on “how you should sit, how to speak, how to greet the casting directors…
Focus on yourself and your skills, that’s the most important thing.

2. Don’t memorise the script

Well, in fact you shouldn’t just memorize, but the lines should be part of yourself: people are looking at your acting talents, not your memorisation abilities.

3. Be confident

You don’t need to talk about big name directors you’ve worked with or Hollywood productions you’ve been a part. Let your resume take care of highlighting your accomplishments and just be confident. Also, don’t be over excited ’cause it can be misinterpreted as desperation.
The human brain makes over 27 judgments about another person within seconds of meeting them based on your posture, body language, voice tone, breathing rate, eye contact, etc..
If you’re making a good impression, just smile and everything will be smoothy. If you’re making a bad impression..well, everything will be filtered through that impression.

4. The Auditors

The panel of people behind the desk, the ones drinking, eating, looking at you, feeling more powerful. Well, wrong.

In fact you shouldn’t consider them more powerful, think the opposite. Think that you are the powerful one, the one with skills and experience, able to make an impression. You’re both doing your jobs. Don’t ask who they are, don’t engage,  just show off with respect and courtesy.

courage-slating-confidence-actors-auditions5. Slating

After you hit the X on the floor, tell them who you are. This is slating.
Be clear and clean.

“Hi..hmm I’m I’ll be doing a monologue from Braveheart”. Bad.

Hello everyone, I’m John and this is William Wallace from Braveheart“. Do you see the difference? This is a slate which will make a difference, ’cause you caught their attention.


So..good luck and if you have doubts, the secret is..rehearse!



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