The first secret for actors personal reputation: the story

Hello everyone!
Today I’m really excited to share with you a secret..but psshh! I need to tell you something before.

actors-can-you-keep-a-secretIt’s been some months now where I’m having a lot of meetings with many actors and people, looking to build their future career. But, apart from the theatre experience, trainings and jobs you can do,  there’s still something you’re missing.
What are actors missing?

Today we’re really excited to tell you that you should work on your personal reputation.
So, have you ever worked on your personal branding

Whats-_your_Story-actors-londonNope, we’re not talking about brands, but the way you should market yourselves and your careers as brands.
People love hearing stories, so if you haven’t got one already, the first thing you can do is start working on it. Should you invent it? Well, nope. You already have, it’s your life, isn’t it?
The first secret for actors personal reputation is to create your personal, stunning, beautiful story.
You have a name, you have experience, you should just make the pieces fitting together.
Maybe you have a question. Is the story necessary?
A strong personal story is really key. It’s like when you’re a kid and you remember some places ’cause you link them in your imagination and not for where they are or what you’re doing.

Stories are good to have people remembering of you. But don’t make them too complicated.
Stories are great ’cause people see themselves in the characters. That’s why we love books and films. And finally, you’re sharing yourself in an authentic way, so, don’t forget that your story needs also to be authentic. Authenticity is key, especially in the digital age.

Don’t forget to come back to our blog & discover our 2nd secret about personal reputation and let us know if you like this new series of suggestions!

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