Second secret actors personal reputation: personality

Here we are with the second part of our actors personal reputation tips. A couple of weeks ago we told you how a story could be extremely important to be remembered. Do you [actually] remember it? Read how to create your story now.

remembered-best-quotesThis week we’re happy to share another tip to boost your personal reputation, so personality. Yeah, personality matters. Personality makes a huge different across all your personal life, why shouldn’t be professionally relevant?

And just to tell you, those suggestions are important if you’re meeting a person working in the industry, a theatre producer, or whoever could become important for you.

So, before exposing yourself you need to make sure you’re working on the right direction, both online and offline.


How can you do it?

  • Be sure that your tone of voice is a good one. Are people understanding, laughing, participating and engaging with you? If you replied no to all these questions, maybe you should work out a plan investing on a good one.
  • Don’t sell too much: you don’t want to meet people they’re just talking about their job and the product/service they’re selling, aren’t you? Same for them. You need to have a balance. Actors personal reputation is really important, but your network and partnerships as well. Don’t lose everything ’cause you’re too much focused on results.
  • Learn how to talk to different people: you can’t tell the same thing either to a producer or to a trainer. Effective communication is key, you need to hook people in just 20-30 seconds and give them interesting reasons to keep them listening to you! 😉

Maybe all these suggestions could seem a bit too much marketing and sales orientated, but remember that actors personal reputation is about telling the right things to the right people, being confident and reliable. I’m sure your inspirational people are following those rules, that’s why they inspire you! 😉

Who’s your muse?

Remember also that we’ll talk about all of these during our free Actors & Creatives Meetup on the 7th of September, put a note on the diary and sign up here!


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