Self-Tape auditions are…auditions!

Sometimes casting directors require actors to send them a self-tape audition, the reasons are different, the main ones are:
1) Production requirement
2) modus operandi (The way in which they like to work)
3) Just being lazy

Anyway, I think it’s just one of the opportunities actors have to give a good impression. Also, why do you think it’s bad? Actors can do it while staying at home and not driving around London, or taking some public transport (no more strikes on the tube!), or in the worst scenario, travelling outside London O_o

Many times, actors are making mistakes when thinking about self-tape auditions. You think to yourself, “But, they don’t want me, they are not sure about me, so they don’t want to invite me for an audition”. Sometimes you can be right, but nobody knows for sure.
So, our advice is to prepare yourselves as much as you can, think of it as a “real” audition, because thats what it is!
There’s also another positive aspect: usually you need to prepare the self-tape in a few days, meaning that you have more or less 24 to 72 hours to shoot as much as you want! We recommend going to sleep though 😀

Choose the best one! The BEST ONE means the one that shows you are really focused, the take is great, also the light, sound etc etc. In a “real” audition, you have only have one chance.
So, why be snobby about self tapes from the start?! It is an easy and effective way of auditioning!

I understand your pain, so we decided to run a meetup to help you out with self-tape auditions.

Have you ever wondered how to take a video selfie? Nope, the selfie stick is not the most important tool, especially if you want to look like a professional.
Our next meetup will be around everything you should know, as an actor and a creative, to shoot a selfie video audition.

So what are you going to learn?
As a Messiah I’ll explain to you the Seven commandments, the most important regulations to be successful when you’re shooting selfie videos.
Then there will be Marco Augelli‘s turn to give you a lot of insights and technical tips around the best camera to use, approach, editing and tools to use for unique and amazing selfie videos. Are you ready to learn? Don’t forget to bring your laptop.

Come to our meetup and find out how to prepare yourself for the best Self Tape Audition!

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