Actors Personal Reputation: the third secret for success

Hello everyone! We’re arrived at the end of our series of actors personal reputation suggestions, today is the last article. ūüôĀ

sharing-is-caringAfter we recommended you to put together an amazing story here and having convinced you that a strong personality is also really important to be successful here, we’re ready to sum up the rest encouraging you to share.

Not only because sharing is caring, but also because you need to try out your story, empowering words and affirm your life to be successful on stage.

So, for example, do you know¬†who’s¬†Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou? Maybe you’re going to think I’m joking but in fact we’re talking about George Michael. Nobody knows him as his real name, ’cause everyone just think George Michael is great and you’re not really thinking whether his name is real or not. ¬†Actors personal reputation would work in the same way: build a personality, create a story, share it and success will come. Then nobody will ask you how you did become successfuland it will be your own secret. Do you remember Fight Club’s rules? It’s like: ‘do you know ‘Flight Club’? ‘Nope, never hard about it”

motivation-actors-vision-story-successSo, now, following our suggestions you should have been able to build a personality, create a story and share it with a LOT of people.
Don’t think that everyone should reach out just because you have something to say. Encourage other people to listen to you, meet them and reach out.¬†Only if they’re thinking you’re great, they’d¬†still listen to you.
We’re done, you’re ready to fly! Now it’s your turn to become a successful actor!

Do you have some doubts? Come to our personal reputation Meetup¬†next Monday and share your thoughts with us, we’ll love discussing it with you during our open actors¬†lab!


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