The ultimate guide to build a Personal Website

Online tools and social media are changing the way actors and the industry do business.
The internet is changing our business. The world we live in today is so different to the one of even five years ago, and the performing arts industry is no stranger to these changes.
After having done a deep dive seminar on social media a few months ago, it’s time to talk about the king of personal reputation: a personal website. man-screaming-at-computer

Are social media not enough for actors?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are great tools to promote yourself, and you’re already learned how to do it in our September’s meetup.
Social media are important as you’re able to reach out to people on a very large scale compare to the past. But they’re not platforms you own, where you can decide whom and how so you can’t really control the way the content is being viewed or distributed across the people and, in a more generic way, the internet.
So, you’re risking that your friends are seeing just from your friends and your family, and it’s not what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

Build a website!
A website is a great way to show people your CV, photos, voicereel, showreel.
It’s also a very cool way to keep highlighted your biggest experience and map the journey you want to take, understanding where and why you’ve chosen to follow a specific path.
The internet is an incredibly useful tool, but it can also be expensive. It is important that a website looks good otherwise it can show you off in a bad light.
There are easy-to-use tools helping to set up a website with a very professional look so you can have your very own platform and tell your personal story.

Are you ready to learn the secret tips to build your personal website? Come to our meetup on the [date] and bring all your questions.



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