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Personal Relations Intro

This is an introduction video about Personal Relations, a European Exhibition about miniature portrait.  With the collaboration of This is Not Art (Questa Non è Arte), we organised this event where 150 artists from 3 countries are doing an artwork. First leg will be London, the second one in Holland and the last one in Italy.

The actors involved are all Blow-Up Management’s actor!!!



Self-Tape auditions are…auditions!

Sometimes casting directors require actors to send them a self-tape audition, the reasons are different, the main ones are: 1) Production requirement 2) modus operandi (The way in which they like to work) 3) Just being lazy Anyway, I think it’s just one of the opportunities actors have to give a good impression. Also, why do you think it’s bad?… Read more →

Actors Personal Reputation: the third secret for success

Hello everyone! We’re arrived at the end of our series of actors personal reputation suggestions, today is the last article. 🙁 After we recommended you to put together an amazing story here and having convinced you that a strong personality is also really important to be successful here, we’re ready to sum up the rest encouraging you to share. Not… Read more →


The first secret for actors personal reputation: the story

Hello everyone! Today I’m really excited to share with you a secret..but psshh! I need to tell you something before. It’s been some months now where I’m having a lot of meetings with many actors and people, looking to build their future career. But, apart from the theatre experience, trainings and jobs you can do,  there’s still something you’re missing. What… Read more →