Welcome back, pals!

We decided to aggregate two months, and the result is amazing!

Don’t know exactly where to start, but James did a small scale tour with Spectrum Theatre, while kahmal did an online viral video called “World’s worst job interviews“, it’s hilarious, you can watch it here.

Two more online project was done by Thao with a company called Big Group for BT Trading and by Linda with a company calle Brave Spark Media for Clairol (hair spray company).

And at the end, the most recent, Mandy was involved in a Film with Starks Films, filmed in Wales.

What a pair of months!!!




What a wonderful month, right?

We have done some great project, probably the biggest one was with ITV, thanks to Ram and Cactus TV for their experience! We can’t say the name of the project yet, but it will be broadcast in few weeks!!!

Kahmal did a great project with Late Starter, for “Insure the box” a low cost car insurance company for students. This was his second job with Blow-Up as presenter, and we are proud of it!

At the end, we did a couple of nice projects, one for Samuel, an online advert with Really Bright Media and one for Mandy a small scale tour in Skegness as a street performer with the amazing company called Hole in the Sky.

Now, let the rain fall down! …joking!





  Things at Blow-Up are looking as hot as the summer weather!

Thao did a few projects: a Stills commercial for a German company called Volt Communication, and a short called “the Solution” in collaboration with FatOedo Productions.

Our new actress, Ishka, worked with a student project called “Delicious Love,” while Samuel worked with “the Blind Club” for a new online project.

Kahmal did it again! It was a big project with Canon, he didn’t travel abroad this time but the project was absolutely fantastic as they kept a clip from his audition in the commercial!

And, last but not least, another new actor did a project this month. His name is Phil and he was part of a Stills for Jetline – a Canadian low-cost airline company.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine!




Yes, we did it again!

I think there’s someone in Vodafone offices that like us!!! Well, the production company was different, anyway, Althyr has been part of the official Vodafone advert for Egypt.

Recently, Carleen, a new actress of Blow-Up, worked for a Music video, Samm Henshaw with a company called Compulsory.

And, yes, finally, Mandy will be the lead role in an independent short film called ‘Dead on the Outside‘, produced and directed by Studio Gwylio, in Wales.






It was one of the hottest April in Britain history, and of course, we had an amazing month too!

Samuel was our go-to guy, with 3 jobs on a one month span, one short film called Brexit by the production company called the Queen Mab Co, founded by our friend Nick Rizzini, then an Oline project called Avengers Viral by Ladbible as Iron Man and another online project headed by Dragonfly Production.

And then Richard, have been part of the new official “Three” commercial, directed and produced by Agile Films based in Shoreditch.

What a poker!




Well, it doesn’t seem like a real spring, hopefully, these news will keep you warmer!

Blow-Up Management went abroad again, last week Arun was shooting in BULGARIA for the new official advert of BWin (we can not say more about it!)

While in the previous couple of weeks, Kaitlin was involved in a shooting for a Charity Film called “Tell Mama” by the production company called Just So Films and Samuel worked for a big Marketing Agency in London for their official advert, producing by ByteLondon.

Last but not least, the only Italian based actor we represent, Igi Meggiorin, has been involved in a woman night panel as the presenter. The event is called What’s Next, and it’s focused on the engagement and empowering of the woman working in the STEM sector.




Full house news today! Our actors were and will be busy with Films, commercials and tours!

Samuel has been part of the casting for the new Pzifer‘s advert, while Ram will work with two productions in the next few months, one called The Distants and the other one called Switchpower Ltd.

Tamasin is going to tour the majority of the 2018 with M&M Productions!!! Good luck Tamasin! ;-D

What? really? do you want more news! Yes, I’m proud to announce that 2 actors (Richard and Geoffrey) of Blow-Up Management will be part of the short film of our collaborator Marco Augelli, “Behind the Eyelids”





Welcome back everyone, we are still on the rise!

Ram will be shooting a feature, as the principal character, before the end of the winter, with the production company Ministry of Film, based in London.

Ram again, will work for a short film, called the Distant and he has been the main boy in a still series with the company We are Social.

We are super happy cause the advert we did last year for Vodafone Germany is officially the new spot in another country, Albania. Oh yes, you can watch the clip here!




I would love to thank every single actor for this fantastic year, it was a pleasure working with everyone, we achieved new goals and we did great projects together. Last round of news today, but not the least, cause Thao has been selected as the main actor for a US beer brand commercial (sorry, we can’t say the name!). And Emani, a new actress, has been employed as singer in the flash-mob performance in Covent Garden for the musical “the Greatest Showman“. Enjoy the video here.





Christmas is coming, so Blow-Up Management has a new present for you!

James has already started a new adventure with Hurricane Theatre, it will be a one-month panto tour around North London.

In the meantime, we had our first presenting job thanks to Tamara, with Nick and the Upstart team.

Ram has been working with JS Creative for a commercial for the Saudi Market, plus he is performing with Angry Bairds in a small scale tour.





We did a couple of new commercials in the last few weeks, we collaborated with new companies and on top of that, we organized an art festival in London: it was an amazing success, where few actors of the agency have been part of it!

So, Kaitlin has worked with Axonn Media, a marketing agency based in London for a new bathing cushion’s commercial, while Ram, Thao and Arun have worked with NextShoot, a big video production company, based in London too.




Short news today, we are going to talk about Chaplin’s pantos, we are working with them again this year. This is the 3rd consecutive year that happened, and I’m very very happy for this collaboration. I’d like to virtually thank Matt for his trustiness and kindness to believe in my project, again and again. This year we have 4 more actors involved, Ashley, Sarah, Mandy and more recently Bethany.





We keep working for German companies, after the advert of Lidl and Vodaphone Germany, Saifeddine is going to perform and live in Germany for a while, cause he will be busy with White Horse Company until the end of June!!!

In the meantime, Jason is going to perform until next February with M&M Productions! This is the 3rd consecutive year that we are working with them, and we love long relationship!

And for the dessert, Lewis, a new actor, has already booked until the end of the year, with two new company: Yew Tree Company and North East Producers, all north based company.




Well, yes, the title seems sad and depressing, but we are excited to announce new amazing project we were involved in!!!

Isobel was selected for the new commercial of Lidl, the big brand for the retails industry. This was a massive project!!!

Paul posed for a session of stills for a company called the Ultimate Event Dancers, for a perfume launch in Manchester.

Richard, who has just finished touring with Chapterhouse, has been offered a role in an immersive theatre project with COLAB Theatre during October, for a production called Loot.




Time for international projects for us, soon we will announce some theatre project abroad, but in the meantime, our actor Kahmal has filmed a huge commercial for Vodafone in Poland! The commercial is for the German market, and this was a great step forward for our agency too!!!

Our new actress Sarah was part of the photoshoot for a poster for a Musical, Skin Deep, produced by the company called LAMBCO Productions.

James will work for almost one year for the T.I.E. company called Freshwater, as facilitator in interactive, educational drama workshops and shows to schools across the UK.




Even if it’s still summer, we already reach some astonishing achievement for this autumn, winter and for next year too!!!

First of all, another new actor did an amazing corporate for Berkeley, producing by StreetCast Models. Congrats Oliver!

And now, we are happy to announce that Linda will work in Gran Canaria Island for the next 8 months, with LiveBusiness production company, meanwhile, Alia will be busy with Aesop Touring Theatre Company, until July of next year.

wow, simply wow, that’s amazing guys!!!




Yes, Blow-Up Management can help you find a partner! Really???

Naaa…our actress Linda was involved in stills and VO project with Badoo for the Scandinavian market. That’s a pretty nice project!

Even more, Lee joined the cast of a short film, with the awesome charity called Integrate UK.

And our new actor Kahmal will work with Silent Tapes Films (again), for a Music Video.

We aren’t probably enough skilled to find your love, but we can find great opportunity for acting!





Are you enjoying this weather? Do you feel as in India during the dry season? And what about fancy a beer after a long day in the office? We have the answer!

Our actor Krishan was filming for the Union Bank of India, a nice commercial for a local TV here in London. In Hindi!

And Paul for a commercial too, for one of the most famous beer brand in the world, Foster’s!!! Do you want to know the name of the production company? Have you ever heard about UNILAD?

On the stage side, Dominyka has been cast in a touring production of the play “Feel The Hate”, working with AlterEgo. The play raises the awareness of hate crime and is touring for few weeks in Bexley.

Oh yes, we really needed these refreshing news!!!








Lots of filming work confirmed for our actors. Althyr recently worked with the Met Film School on a music video project set to ‘Proteges Moi’ by Placebo. With Met Film school again!
Alistair secured the main role in an online video produced by 325 Productions Ltd. for an animal charity.
Charlotte will be working for Shape History on a short film about Mothers’ Day.
Charlotte will also be working with Miguel Gobbo Diaz on a corporate film shoot for Somersault Productions, in Cambridge.




Richard and Carlton will both be going for great weather this summer as they are undertaking outdoor tours.

Richard will be performing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Peter Pan from June to September with Chapterhouse Theatre Company.

Carlton will be taking on the role of Orsino in Twelfth Night for Rain or Shine Theatre Company.

Finally, Isobel Warner will shortly be filming a music video for Flex Film, live, during a concert of a Festival!!!



30th of March

We are pleased to announce that two of our actors finalised longer term contracts this week.

Michael will be sailing away for 6 months performing on Thompson Cruise liners courtesy of Peel Talent.

Jason will also be travelling, but on dry land. He will be working with Divergent Drama on a new play that is premiering in Croydon at Matthews Yard, 13-16 April. The production will also be in Edinburgh, 21-26 August at The Space on the Mile, part of the highly rated Space Venues.

Finally, James will be celebrating Easter in Essex with Easter Eggstravaganza.



20th of March

What a day today!as_logo_o--main

The list of new project is quite long, so I need to pick up some of the ones we’ve been recently involved. So, today let’s start with the screen jobs!

Miguel is doing really well this month, with a total of 3 projects he’s been involved! The first one, with Gramafilm then he played for an advert for a Bingo company with Crab Creative and this week he will be busy with a shooting short film with JKL Productions, in Brighton (the short is called Chalk).

It’s also Arun’s turn! He’s been involved in a charity film for Alzheimer’s Society, last Saturday, well done!



28th of February

META mixture of news today, with a glimpse of summer too!

So, let’s start from the beginning: Sam is going to shooting a two-days short with Met Film School, it called “No Limit”.

While Fiona is involved in Don’t Go Into The Cellar‘s upcoming production of ‘Jekyll the Ripper’, the company bringing new adaptations of the nineteenth-century literature’s greatest ghost and horror stories to modern-day audiences.

And we’ve been offered a job for our actors Michael and Jason last week, but we will give you more details in the next bunch of news!!!



15th of February

We did it again! We’ve been involved in a big project with Channel 5, and no, we can’t tell you more about it.channel5-1

Anyway, I want to congrats with our new actor Miguel, cause he was involved in this big project as the main character. Furthermore, he did a part in a music video of a famous international DJ, you might not know his name but who don’t know “I like to move it!”. The production company’s called Silent Tapes.

These are great news so far, isn’t it? Also, Lee and Kaitlin have been involved in a  commercial with Beattie Communications, while Paul is shooting in Leeds for a Corporate video, with Stada Video.

We like to move it, move it…we like to move it, move it…we like to move it, move it…we like to…move it! 😀



31st of January 2017

410xf8qcicL._SX300_Dear readers, 2016 has been a really successful year for Blow-Up Management: we’ve been involved in many international projects. I would love to thank everyone for the effort, the passion and the persistence. I have new projects and a lot of ideas for this year to come! Blow-Up is growing, day by day we are becoming a community of people with the same goal and desires.

The flag you can see here is not for celebrating my success or for my Italian pride 😀
It’s a new project for Alia, one of the first actresses of the agency, who’s going to Italy with Smile Theatre company.

Well begun is half done!!!



20th of December


Last news of 2016!!! And believe it or not, we had four actors involved in three different shorts!!!

James was involved in a production with Darkroom Productions, it was shot in Brighton a few weeks ago.

Michael  worked with Clearhead,  it was shot in Milton Keynes.

Larhysa and Shivam were involved with a London’s based production company, called Somesuch & Co.

Thanks to everyone for this amazing 2016! Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!



1st of December

panto-in-a-day1We are going to start this December with a full house! Five actors will start touring with four different company, some new company and some old friends!!!

Let’s start with the new one, so Katie and Hannah will perform in December for the first time with the company “Panto in a day“, while Bethan will perform in Wales with Pirate Jenny Cabaret.

There’s more news!  Daniel has already started with West Midland Children Theatre and James with Tickled Pink Productions!

And now,  that we feel full, let’s think about projects in 2017!!!




25th of NovemberBBC Documentaries

We were involved in a project with BBC and soon we will let you know more about it!


Then I’m happy to announce that Larhysa has been involved in two different projects in the last couple of weeks: a big commercial for the French company Société Générale (yes, another bank!), with Alcove Entertainment and a coach corporate with Matchbox Motion Productions.

It’s almost Christmas time, but I promise that I will post more jobs soon, most of them will be winter and Christmas tour, but expect more surprise!!!





10th of November



Winter is coming, so winter project will start again, as you can see from the image!

Don’t be scared, we are not moving to Lapland, it’s the project where Kaitlin will be involved this year again, after the success of last year.

We are happy to collaborate with other company of course, so we are happy to announce that Laura will perform with LADA production with the Panto “Puss in Boots”, while Will with The Actor’s Company, with the production of Cinderella.




31st of October


Today is Halloween, it’s scaring!!! But for sure this bunch of news will be even more scaring!!! It happens again, we will work together with Chaplin’s Panto this year too! Of course not the same actors, the new ones involved this year are: Alia, Char, Linda and Katie.

3 actors will perform in “The Magic Castle” in various locations around the UK, meanwhile Linda will perform as the main character in “Dick Whittington”.



20th of October

ebayThis is the first time I’ve done something like that, but this bunch of news will involve just one actress, Linda.

We have already talked about her previous project, the musical with Ben Newsome (see news of the last month). Now, I’m proud to say that she was involved in a huge commercial with eBay last week, and this is really a huge news!!!

Then, she will perform for a winter pantomime, in one month time?

Congrats Linda! Well done!



30th of September

The summer is over, but not our project! Daniel has already started rehearsals with Caboodle Arts Company, but in October he will perform for the Month of Black history with them.caboodle

Kaitlin will start rehearsals in few days in Coy Communication‘s production of Curl Up & Die, this is the plot: Ruth is on the edge of bankruptcy, her clients are on the verge of death, a health & safety office turns up. In this new piece from Anna Longaretti, wordplay, physical comedy and traditional elements of farce will combine to be a romp full of laughs

And again, we have signed a contract with M&M Production with one of our new actor, Alistair! That’s wonderful!



20th of September

revival-live-logoIt’s time for many actors to start the rehearsals for the winter shows. Danielle will be busy until Christmas with the musical “Oh! What a Christmas Cracker” produced by Revival Live!

Zoe, that just signed with us a few months ago, will start 2 shows with Partytime Productions until November

Last but not the least, Linda, who signed with us and graduated a few months ago, will be busy with the musical “Rent“, produced by the amazing Ben Newsome. And if you will read our news again after her last show which will happen in the mid-October, you will find out her next great news!!!



30th of August


What a wonderful month, August! The summer is almost done, but we are not that sad!!! And yes, we were involved in a big commercial, with our actor Omar, for the famous brand Just Eat.

And this is only the beginning, ’cause Lee was involved in a featured film, yes, a featured! The name of the company and the project? So, the company is Substantial Films while the project called “Three Acts”.

To be honest, we have signed other contracts, 3 more contracts, we will let you know soon two of them, cause the other one will start at the end of November!  😉



10th of August



Ops, I’m a bit late, but we have few actors involve in Edinburgh this year too!!!

There’s Nathan with a play called “Jellyfish” and there’s Stephanie with a musical parody called “The Miserables”, set in an office where everybody hates their job. Well done guys!!!

We have also good news not only from the Fringe, Katie has signed a contract for Milly Madness Entertainment, she will start soon with performances!!!

Happy Edinburgh Fringe Festival to everyone!




20th of July


Hot news today! I know, no one is going to read it, because of this amazing weather!!! But I’m happy to announce that two actors were involved in two Online projects, Alexander with NFTS for an online short called “A Sunday run”, and Suki with RSA Films for an internet campaign for an HIV Charity.

We are going to sing also few more projects, but I will let you know soon!

I would also thank some of my actors that help me with another project,  all of them were great, especially the ones that learn few lines in an unknown language!



30th of June

europeanflagWhat do you do when you’re tired of the British summer? You go to South Europe! And this is what 2 actresses have done! 😀

We are happy to announce that Ashleigh is touring in Portugal, and Spry will start soon her experience in a cruise ’round Cyprus.

In the meantime, Ashley is touring in Europe as well, north of England, with Effectus Theatre (we already have been working with them!) and Alexander has done one month touring with an old acquaintance of our agency, M&M Productions!

Seen it? Proudly we didn’t talk about Brexit or weather this time!!!



10th of June

old film projector and movie objects

Lights, camera, action!

I’m proud to announce that 4 actors have been involved in 2 productions for featured films.

In the past few weeks, Shezai was the main character in the featured “Undercover“, produced by Picture Perfect Ltd.

Laura, Ashley and David were involved in a Chinese featured called “Passage of my mouth“, production by a British company called “Select Casting Ltd”.

Well done, guys!



20th of May

rahrahToday I would like to highlight 4 big news, and for the first time, I will state the name of the actors involved!

Kait was involved in a play in N16 Theatre, “The Killing of Charles Bravo”, a promenade murder mystery performance directed by Twenty Seven Live Ltd.

Bethan has started a tour with Kinetic Theatre company, she will perform for half of the tour around Wales, and for the rest around the UK.

Michael is going to perform with Popera, a pop-opera group for 5 months in…Corfù! That’s Amazing!

Stephanie will start a tour with Rah Rah Theatre Company in one week time, one of the biggest TIE company in the UK.



10th of Maytesco

Have you enjoyed the unbelievable weather last weekend? Yes??? We have more great news for you!

One actor was involved in a Commercial with MediaZoo, and yes, the commercial was for Tesco!!!

Elegant If Productions is a new company, and one actor was involved in their latest production, a short called “Blind Date”.

And one of our latest signed actresses, was involved in a videoclip’s production with Territory Studios!

Blow-Up Management, every little helps! 😀



15th of April

macmillanI’m proud to announce that one of our actors has been involved in a production for a charity, a well know charity, MacMillan Cancer Support.

We are always happy to support charities and project for the community!

And in the same week, another actor was involved in a shooting in the same area, Dorset, for a documentary about Alexander the great! The two company called respectively Jack Films and World Media Rights

And two weeks ago, another actor has been involved with the production of the commercial for RefMe with the MET film school, the London’s leading provider of film training!!!



21st of March


Welcome back spring!

Happy first day of spring, now it’s time to think about a holiday, some vacation will arrive soon (Easter, few bank holidays in May), so yes, it’s time to plan, book a flight, a hotel and so on.

But we have already thought about that, ’cause one actress will flight to Crete next month, she will entertain you if you will book a hotel over there with one of the biggest holidays company, Thomson Gold!

And also, big compliments for an actor, who started a tour with Tobacco Tea Theatre Company, he will perform again on May and August with the same company.



1st of March

MeMExciting news today, again! Three actors had started a tour around the UK, yes I’m late but there’s were so many news to let you know before!!! So, one actor is involved with a TIE production with Effectus Theatre Company, one actress was involved in a mini workshop last week with 3 Crate in Cardiff,  a collaborative research exploring the theme suppression of freedom and expression.

And again, we have signed an 8 months contract with M&M Productions!!! This is really a huge project, please lets everyone wish a huge good luck to Charlotte!!!



20th of February


Blow-Up Management is growing every day, today, we are excited to announce our first project with BBC, specifically with the Welsch one!!! What a great goal for us!

Then, another actor was involved in a big production for a readaptation of Wuthering Heights with a company called Three Hedgehogs Films.

And again, the same actor mentioned in the previous news, will be involved in a short film A place called Havana “with a company called Bad Business. 

All as the main role! Yahoo!!!



10th of February


We are really proud to announce that one of our actresses was involved in a big production for the shooting of the new commercial for Lloyd’s Bank!!!

Secondly, one of our actresses (female again!) were involved in a documentary show for Investigation Discovery Channel for the US!!! What a pair of massive news!!!

Last but not least, one of our actors have been involved in a Music Video, well done Jon, waiting for the next job!!!



25th January 2016

Blow-Up goes internationally!europe

We already know it, it’s not that new, anyway, we are happy to share it with our audience! Probably We’ve already mentioned it, we actually have 2 actors involve in a big project in Germany, a T.I.E. tour with White Horse Theatre.

Going southern, one actress has started her tour in Spain, until the half of this 2016, with Clever Pants. Now you can say: ok, we already know that!

Yes, ok, but last week, we have signed an actress for a big project in Greece, she will start in April, so we will let you know soon!



15th January 2016

1000mediaLogoHappy New Year!!!
Oh, sorry, maybe someone is already tired of this 2016, but this old fashion report is still as fresh as always!!! Even if we’re already in 2016, we would like to share a news of 2015 (gosh!?!): one actor has performed in a corporate short for a company called Lakes Training Solutions Ltd.
But we are proud to announce that this weekend, we will shoot a commercial for Perkbox with Thousand Media. That’s really cool! See ya soon!



15th December 2015


Dear all, this is the last news of 2015, it was a great year so far, both at the beginning and at the end, we’ve been involved in great projects.

The first one is a project for a Commercial for Mr Brown, with a freelance production, while the second one was a Mockumentary for Benenden, a famous health insurance brand, with a company called Ignis Ltd. Click here if you want to watch the video!

Blow-Up Management wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



1st December 2015


note1Sooooome wheeeeere, over the rainbooooow  note2

Do you remember the old movie “the Wizard of Oz”? And the main song? And what happened before Dorothy went to the other world? It seems that this week’s news is the exact story of the Wizard of Oz, as one actor will be going over the rainbow with Rainbow Theatre and their production of Dick Whittington.
And another will be swept away with Hurricane production’s Mother Goose, for the entire month of December!




25th November 2015


We are back! In the past couple of weeks, many of our actors have started rehearsals or tours for many companies. Here are just a few to wet your appetite, but expect more news in a few days! Firstly, as you can see from the image, one actor will be busy with the great, Gary Starr Pantomimes, until Christmas. The other productions are until Christmas also, with Shooting Star Entertainment, West Midland Children Theatre and with Northeast Producers.



5th November 2015


We are glad to introduce this logo for, Chaplins Pantos, a company from Ilford.  There will be four actresses working with them in the coming months, three of them performing in Jack and the Beanstalk: one as “Barmy Bosworth” touring round Newcastle, one as “Principal Boy (Idle Jack)” touring the Midlands and the third as Mrs Lumpink touring in London.  Also, one actress is performing in Beauty and the Beast as “Dame Dusty”. FABULOUS!



22nd October 2015 


October has turned out to be a great month here at Blow-Up HQ with several actors about to take to the stage on tour over the festive period. We are proud to say we have talent working with M&M Productions until mid-February, touring and educating around schools in the UK and working with Eskimo Jo on a Christmas tour.  We are also working with Lapland UK Productions on a roleplay show which should be loads of fun! Only 9 Fridays till Christmas!



15th October 2015

A longthe gate list of new jobs today!

In the last 2 weeks we have been involved in 4 different projects, the first one with the company called The Gate Films for an online advert with Wickes TV, then with two stills photography shoot, one with a company called Shoot Global and the other one with Kelvin Murray Ltd. And with CLM Film productions, we’ve been involved in the recent Music Video with the music duo “The Shires”.



30th September 2015AlterEgoCreativeSolutionsLogo2

All the news of today are about shows that have already started, or at least the rehearsals have started! We are talking about our show with AlterEgo company, called Chelsea’s choice.

The other company is called Caboodle Art Company, it’s a TIE and workshop company, you can look at their production here.



15th September 2015



Blow-Up is expanding internationally, after Spain we are happy to announce that one actress is going to perform in Germany with the Whitehorse Theatre Company for almost one year! This is one of the longest tours ever for our agency!!!

Also, one of our actresses is performing at the Incognito Theatre in a hilarious comedy called “The killing of Sister George“. The show will run at the end of September for one week.



1st September 2015

Viva España!


Well, we are not long back from our holiday on the Iberian Peninsula and we already have two great pieces of news about that country! One actress will be touring in Spain (and a little in Portugal too!) from January till the end of May with Clever Pants, with rehearsal starting now!
Also, something people are saying is not very common (and I know that), but we have an actor who is going for an audition to…Barcelona!!! Good luck, Michael!!!



25th August 2015

camdemfringefestivalTomorrow is the last day to see two of our actresses in the Camden Fringe Festival, with a show called Kaleidoscope. The show is on at “The Rabbit Hole Theatre”.

Next week, another actor will start rehearsing for a one-day production show “Animate” with a company called Noctium.



18th August 2015

microsoft-logo-commercial-actorThe Gods are not to Blame” is a musical directed by Olugbenga Ajayi from TMD SQUARED where one of our actresses is also playing. First show on the 19th of September!

A Blow-Up Management actress has also been part of a commercial for Microsoft. Yeah, those smiling faces happy to have a Microsoft computer, lol

Last one, another female role for the corporate video of the Italian 



31st July 2015

A Blow-Up Management actor took part in the shooting of “Brain Games” a documentary by National Geographic Channel while an actress has led a children’s workshop for The Hive.
We’ve also been invited to join the audition panel for a German TIE company. More details coming soon!




15th July 2015fringe logo

Welcome to our summer theatre stories, well, even if this week the summer is over, we’re still in July, aren’t we?
So, as you probably already know, our photo challenge competition has been won, thanks to a tour with Brymack Productions, but also somebody else will go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with The Classics Conclave company and with Gone Rogue company.

Bear with us, we’re already working with autumn/winter productions! More news soon..



30th June 2015



Are you enjoying the sunshine? Well, it’s been a hot week here but not only for the sun.

Two more jobs for our actors: one engaged in the comedy “The All-Seeing Eye” by The Persistent Playwright, recently performed in London at The LOST Theatre’s 31st Annual One-Act Festival while another one will perform in a short called Reflect.




15th June 2015


Great, another batch of great news from us!

One of our actors has been part of the film: “City of Tiny Lights” and another one has been part of a film with Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep. Awesome, isn’t it?

But the best has yet to come! One of our actors has been engaged for a new documentary at Channel 5, congrats!



30th May 2015

May has been a blast for us at BloLogo-quantum-theatre-theatre-in-education-to-teach-sciencew Up Management! So, apart from the sunshine, we’re happy to congrats one of our actress who’s been engaged by Harvey Ascott for a music video promo.

Also, this week another one has started rehearsals with Quantum Theatre for a 2 months tour around the UK.

This is a great opportunity for working with a TIE company, aiming to teach science through art.


1st May 2015

Hello people! It’s been a while we’re not updating this page..but we have a bunch of great news! Blow-up-management-London-journey

The first is that one of our actress took part to a Flash Mob, sorry a Freeze Mob, organised by WeAreNusic.

And we’re also very happy to announce that one of our actress has been selected to take part to the casting of Thomas Dutronic by My Accomplice Limited! So..the best of luck!

So, please keep following us..we’ve just started our amazing artistic journey!