Bethany Nicholson

Bethany took an interest in performing arts during her mid-teens, the point in our lives where we are the most judgemental, yet self-conscious; but despite this she found escapism. It was no secret that this is where her heart lied. Taking this forward into her studies she found performing also provided the opportunity to reflect and evaluate to continuously improve her performance, as well as the pure enjoyment. Graduating in 2017 with a first class degree in Music and Musical theatre, after taking on roles such as Kiss Me Feel Me/Ensemble in The Producers, Grace in Earthquakes In London, Matilda in Loveplay and Mrs Phagan in Parade throughout. Bethany also had the opportunity to be apart of the world premiere of a new musical Gullivers Travels, playing Flimnap/Warden. This project allowed her to watch a piece start as a merely words on paper and develop to its final completion, which has encouraged her to look into new projects to partake in and widen her experiences across theatre, TV and film.

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