Carleen-Marie Elson

Carleen-Marie is a 22-year-old actress based in London. She knew from a young age that all she wanted to do was entertain. Conquering the world of acting has always been her dream. This leads her to train in the arts from junior school right up to college and even opened the door for her to train with some of her favorite childhood actors at CGTV actors camp, ran by Adrian R Mante in LA. Whilst there she had the privilege of performing at the famous ACME theatre which further increased her ambition for success. Since 18 she has freelanced and managed small appearances in Tv programs such as Holby City (bbc1) and Enterprise (bbc3) and has commercially appeared in ads for Macdonalds, Barclays & Skull Candy. With her love for method acting and really making people feel the character she has become, she loves to take them on a journey with her. Carleen-Marie is out to do it all in acting, from Tv to Film to Theatre.

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