Chris Sackey

Chris Sackey is an Actor, born and raised in South London, Brixton. He found his passion for acting at the age of 15, performing a school production of Midsummers Nights Dream (playing the role of Demetrius). After Studying at The BRIT school of performing arts and technology, He moved across the pond to continue his training at AMDA College & Conservatory of the performing arts (LA), gaining his BFA in Acting. Chris has had the privilege to be a part of plays, short films, web-series and TV such as; Revelation (Play) which was performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival (Nominated for most UNLEASHED play), Perspectives (Web Series) which has been submitted into the festival circuit and his highlight so far is featuring on an episode the new Starz TV show Counterpart.  Chris is constantly driving towards telling a story to its fullest capability, and believes that nobody is bigger than the story that’s being created.

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