Ellie McGrath

Ellie McGrath is from and currently based in the heart of Liverpool. She trained in the London College of Music where she gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Musical Theatre. During her training, she worked in a theatre production called ‘Christmas at Kew’ in London’s Kew Gardens. Having always been involved in Performing Arts, Ellie received Anita Dobson’s original award, ‘Performer of the Year’ at Liverpool Theatre School, where Ellie trained as a child. Since graduating, she has worked for Liverpool based Altru Theatre Company on a TIE Tour. She relished in this role because she loves working with the community; having been one of the teachers for the world’s biggest Drama Academy, Helen O’Grady. She believes that when it comes to taking on a character, detail is everything. As long as her audience have been affected or an impact has been made on them, she has done her job for not only for the audience, but for also herself.

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