Gianluigi “Igi” Meggiorin

Gianluigi-Igi-Meggiorin-Blow-up-Management-Italian-actorsGianluigi “Igi” Meggiorin is a musician, performer and actor based in Italy, in the countryside of Venice.
Artistically born guitarist in the 80s, he can play jazz, fusion, folk, bossa nova and blues with several music bands. He studied drums, percussions, noisy and cello.

He’s been working as a theatre actor from the 90s, being a comedian with “Si vede che era destino” where he won the “Sarchiapone”  prize dedicated to Walter Chiari in Cervia. He’s been working at the city circus “Panero Spiccioli” in Zurich where he’s worked as  both a clown and a composer in the “Kran or not to be” show.

Since 2008 he’s been working as comedian with “La Piccionaia i Carrara”, one of the most important theatre companies in Vicenza, also producing the following shows: “L’Aggiusta Orsetti” (K. Grunchi) , “Sogno di una notte di mezza estate” (Grunchi-Presotto) and “Ciranò e il suo invadente naso” (Grunchi-Van den Broek). He plays and composes lyrics and music for theatre thanks to his musical trio “Igicleb”.


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