Kahmal Sealey

Having amassed a consistently growing social media following of 13’000 people (www.facebook.com/kingkaayy) with multiple videos on his self-made platform reaching more than half a million views, Kahmal Sealey is set to create a storm within the industry.

Specializing within the spectrum of Film & Television, Modelling, Commercials and Corporate work respectively; Kahmal has worked alongside various global powerhouse brands such as McDonalds and M&s as well as international phenomenon’s such as Olly Murs and Frisco- a huge feat for someone who has only been in the entertainment industry for a year and a half.

Relying on method acting, Kahmal is truly able to adopt the character allowing him to play it in an authentic and genuine way. He is currently based in the London area and is flexible in his ability to work across the UK or internationally as required.

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