King Georges Tshikeva

I am a tv presenter and actor. This is the main craft I am interested in, I never restrict my ability, this is why I have taken up courses such as Radio with Reprezent Radio and trained at TV training academy at Pinewood studios. I have trained at Mountview Academy, MN Acting Academy and I have presented on Sky 232 on The Justeve Show – I have a show I did with Channel 5 coming out first episode starts 29th March it is called #OneNightWithMyEx

”King is a generous actor who listens and takes direction well. I am particularly impressed by his willingness to explore the text and experiment in rehearsal by taking creative risks. He is strong at improvisation and forms quick on stage relationships with others. His casting range would be gritty, London, young males with unpredictable edge as seen in the playing of Nabs in Slowtime, to the softer vulnerable, deep and complex characters such as Creo in Roy Willliam’s Antigone. ” – Linda Hall

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