Lee Michaels

Lee Michaels is from Greek descent and has a refined Mediterranean look, with a wicked sense of humour. She is a very passionate artist, loyal to her friends and is a team player.

Lee-Michaels-actress-Blow-Up-Management-LondonShe has always had a passion for acting from a very young age always playing lead roles right up to leaving. Even whilst working in various organisations, She managed and acted in Christmas theatre events, but was unable to do anything about it until her late 30’s when she enrolled at the Academy for Drama in Whitechapel.

“I have had a wonderful time learning new skills and loved every minute of it!”

Some of the roles Lee Michaels played were: Calpurnia (Julius Ceasar) Mari (Little Voices) Vamp (Oh What a Lovely War).
At the end of the course Lee had to give up her dream for a while, but is now back and eager to fulfill her dream. She has recently completed her first short film and is hoping this will be the start of her career in acting.

She’s been told she has a nature that possesses charisma when she walks on stage.


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