Paris Jade Guest

Actor, Singer, Dancer, born In Yorkshire, London based. I am a very passionate performer, quirky, funny, reliable, and hard-working. Classically trained at the Court Theatre London, Oxford School of Drama.

I am a well-seasoned performer with many strings to my bow, including short sword, long sword, archery, stage combat and inline skating to a very high level, in which I have able to use in past productions, working with amazing directors and well- cast. Having a great love for all of the arts, I trained at the McMahon School of Dance and Musical Theatre In ballet, Tap, Jazz, and at the Sharon Richards School of Music, gaining my A.B.R.S.A. In classical, general singing, musical theatre and level Grades for dance.

Acting has always been my love of life, and enjoy attending any useful workshops to draw the best out of my skills, making me a very rounded artist with great work ethics and excellent qualities, allowing me to give my best to all past and present productions.

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