Robert Joyce

Bob has been acting since schooldays. His first brush with Shakespeare, for example, was as Bottom
in a school production in 1975. At sixth form college he found himself playing the lead in ‘Scapino’.
Also playing a small part in this production was one Colin Firth!
1n 1981, bob got into the renowned Webber Douglas academy of dramatic art where he found
himself playing largely character parts, taking great delight in playing the role of the aged John Dill in
‘East Lynne’ at the Georgian Theatre, Richmond, North Yorkshire, for example.
On leaving college bob became a founder member of Pepper’s Ghost theatre company, before a
spell in theatre in education. He then returned to London and became involved in Sam Wanamaker’s
globe restoration project, appearing in a production at the Old Bear Gardens of John Marston’s ‘The
Dutch Courtesan”.
Over the years, Bob has appeared on stage a good few times, often in the comedy roles in
Shakespeare, undertaking two tours with Triad Stage Alliance in Twelfth Night and As You Like It, in
the 1980s.
In the late eighties/early nineties, Bob did a bit of touring. as a very energetic White Rabbit in a
musical production of Alice in Wonderland and then as ever reliable and inept stage manager,
Gordon, in one of the Farndale Avenue extravaganzas.
Through the nineties and into the 21st century, Bob appeared in tv shows such as ‘Casualty’,
corporate videos and more theatre work.
In 1999, Bob went to work with a new drama school. It was called ‘The Rep College’ and it sought to
teach drama students as though they were working in the old repertory system. Bob’s role was to
‘mentor’ young actors as well as appearing in the productions. Although chiefly a comedy actor,
Bob’s greatest achievement there was to bring to life the role of the egregious ‘Dr. Sloper’ in ‘The
Bob has continued to work in theatre, corporate and tv work. He has appeared in several crime
drama documentaries, playing the autopsist in ‘Jack the Ripper-revealed’ as well as the judge
presiding over the trial of Dr. Crippen.
Bob particularly remembers his appearance as Winston Churchill in an Elizabeth Kenny play
‘Allegiance’ for London Irish Theatre; a two-hander, this is a play about the Irish troubles, and was a
tour de force for both Bob and fellow actor Dominic O’Flynn who played Michael Collins.
Recently, Bob has played the part of ‘DC John Grant’ in a radio play for the BBC called ‘Jesus Piece’.
He also went back to his comedy routes this year in a corporate video for an Italian engineering
company, improvising and playing the part of an inept detective-a sort of British ‘Police Chief
Wiggum!’. He has also just died as the Duke of Hamilton in a film about the Battle of Worcester!
Bob’s voice can still be heard as a guide in the Dolecauthi goldmine in Wales. His biggest regret
involves a giraffe which didn’t behave. It was in a would-be BT commercial which Bob was filming
with director Mel Smith. The animal completely refused to co-operate and this potentially ground
breaking piece of TV commercial history was shelved!

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