Thao Nguyen

I am hard working and easy to work with. I am very dedicated when it comes to works and projects. I am out going, funny and very sociable person. I love to travels and have traveled to many countries. I also love sport and martial arts. I have studied wing chun extensively for numbers of years. I train in the gym 6 days a week. Growing up I always love performing in front of an audience. Either in a school play or singing group. I Always love to watch live performances when I was a kid. After I did my bachelor science at university and working in a corporate environment for a number of years. I realise acting is what I always love to do. I decided to quit the corporate environment and decided to do acting course three years ago, where I met my acting coach Laurence Mitchell who does not just specialise in theatre but also screen works. Who’s now running home studio. I also took other acting classes such as Meisner and so on. Now I feel confident and ready to share my work with everyone that I love and passionate about all my life.

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